PUBG Mobile Tier Rewards C5S14 (PUBG A3 Tier Rewards)

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C5S14 PUBG Mobile Tier Rewards: The latest tier rewards of PUBG Mobile Cycle 5 Season 14 have been revealed, and in the latest rank rewards, you can claim lots of fantastic items for free by reaching the highest tier.

In PUBG Mobile, tier rewards are the free rewards that you get after reaching some rank in PUBG Mobile. Suppose you reach Conqueror, you will receive Conqueror Avatar Frame; like this, it is different for other tier ranks. Players have 2 months (59 days) to reach the highest possible tier. 

PUBG Tier List: PUBG Tier Reset C5S14 (Cycle5 Season14)

PUBG Mobile Cycle 5 Season 14 Tier Rewards

Tier RankC5S14
Bronze10 Silver, 300 Season Token
SilverC5S14 Glass, Classic Crate Coupon, 350 Token
GoldC5S14 Set/Outfit, 400 Token
PlatinumC5S14 Parachute, 500 Token
DiamondC5S14 Gun Skin, 600 Token
CrownC5S14 Crown Name Tag, 3 Rating Protection Card: 1-Time, 800 Token, Team-up Effect
AceC5S14 Mask, C5S14 Ace Name Tag, C5S14 Ace Title, 1000 Token, Team-up Effect
Ace MasterC5S14 Headgear, C5S14 Ace Master Name Tag, Ace Master Title, 1000 Token, Team-up Effect
Ace DominatorC5S14 Ace Dominator Avatar, C4S12 Ace Dominator Name Tag, Team-up effect, 1000 Token
ConquerorC5S14 Conqueror Avatar Frame, C4S12 Conqueror Name Tag, Conqueror Title, Special effect, 1200 Token, Team-up effect

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PUBG Mobile C5S14 A3 Tier Rewards

If you want to see the tier rewards, here is the video where all the tier rewards of Cycle 5 Season 14 are shown.


PUBG Tier Rewards provides players a chance to win free rewards. It is recommended to start grinding from the beginning of the new season to claim maximum free items. For more PUBG Mobile updates, stay tuned to

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