PUBG Tier List: PUBG Tier Reset C5S15 (Cycle5 Season15)

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PUBG Rank List / PUBG Rank Reset C5S15: In PUBG Mobile, one season lasts for 2 months (60 days), and at the end of every season, each player’s tier reset. PUBGM has a tier system feature to categorize and rank players based on their skill level. This is done to maintain the competition between the players. In this article, you will find the complete explanation of PUBG Next Season Tier Drop.

PUBG Mobile Ranks/Tiers are divided into various groups based on their skill level. The tiers available in PUBG Mobile are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, and Conqueror.

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What is Tier Reset?

In PUBG Mobile Tier Reset is the periodic reduction of players’ tier positions. Tier reset takes place at the end of the current season and the beginning of the new season. The tier rank changes depending on the current tier.

During a tier reset, players are demoted to a specific tier depending on the highest tier reached in the previous season. For example, if a player is on Platinum II, they will be on Gold Tier III.

PUBG Mobile Tier Reset Cycle5 Season15 (PUBG Rank List with Points)

Current TierTier PointsC5S15 Tier
Bronze V1,000 – 1,300Bronze V
Bronze IV1,300 – 1,400Bronze IV
Bronze III1,400 – 1,500Bronze III
Bronze II1,500 – 1,600Bronze II
Bronze I1,600 – 1,700Bronze I
Silver V1,700 – 1,800Silver V
Silver IV1,800 – 1,900Silver IV
Silver III1,900 – 2,000Silver III
Silver II2,000 – 2,100Silver II
Silver I2,100 – 2,200Silver I
Gold V2,200 – 2300Gold V
Gold IV2,300 – 2,400Gold V
Gold III2,400 – 2,500Gold V
Gold II2,500 – 2,600Gold V
Gold I2,600 – 2,700Gold IV
Platinum V2,700 – 2,800Gold IV
Platinum IV2,800 – 2,900Gold IV
Platinum III2,900 – 3,000Gold III
Platinum II3,000 – 3,100Gold III
Platinum I3,100 – 3,200Gold III
Diamond V3,200 – 3,300Gold II
Diamond IV3,300 – 3,400Gold II
Diamond III3,400 – 3,500Gold II
Diamond II3,500 – 3,600Gold I
Diamond I3,600 – 3,700Gold I
Crown V3,700 – 3,800Platinum V
Crown IV3,800 – 3,900Platinum V
Crown III3,900 – 4,000Platinum IV
Crown II4,000 – 4,100Platinum IV
Crown I4,100 – 4,200Platinum III
Ace4,200 – 4,700Platinum II
Ace Master4,7000 – 5,200Platinum II
Ace Dominator5,200Platinum I
Conqueror4,200Platinum I

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PUBG Tier List With Points: PUBG Tier Reset Next Season

How Does PUBG Mobile Ranking System Calculation Work?

At the end of the match, players get various grades depending on their performances in that match. This grading starts from B, B+, A, A+, S, S+, SS+, SSS.

The ranking system is calculated on various things; some of the important factors are:

  1. Survival Duration: Surviving for 5 minutes earns you 2XP (survival and health restoration in the blue zone Increase rank faster).
  2. K/D Ratio: It is the ratio of how many enemies you are finishing in a match. More finishes in less time will help faster ranking.
  3. Health Restoration: The amount of health you are restoring or reviving a teammate.
  4. Grab Airdrop: You get extra points for looting Airdrops. It is challenging to loot, but successful players get rewarded with points.
  5. Other: Use health recovery items, travel in a vehicle, give damage to enemies, revive teammates, etc.

PUBG Challenge Point System

  1. The Challenge Point system is another set of rules used to evaluate players’ actions in matches without changing the original point-scoring rules of matches.
  2. Get bonus Challenge Points if you do not quit the match, go AFK, or eliminate your teammates for an entire match.
  3. If a player has more Challenge Points than valid points, Challenge Points will be automatically deducted proportionally based on the player’s tier when the player loses a match. The total valid points increase with a player’s tier.
  4. Extra Challenge Points are awarded for completing the first match of each day.
  5. Challenge Points cannot be accumulated once the maximum amount has been reached.
  6. Challenge Points are tallied separately depending on the server and game mode.
  7. Challenge Points will not carry over to other seasons.
  8. Challenge points gained correspond to the duration time of a match.


Why does Tier Reset Happen in PUBG Mobile?

In PUBG Mobile Tier Reset or Rank Reset happens to keep players engaged in rank push after the beginning of the new season.

How Does PUBG Mobile Ranking System Work?

The ranking system of PUBG Mobile works on various factors such as survival duration, finish ratio, and equipment utilization. Players’ rank changes depending upon these factors, including some other features such as crate opening, sending gifts, etc.

What is The Highest Rank in PUBG Mobile?

In PUBG Mobile, Conqueror is the highest rank.

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PUBG Rank Reset provides players with a chance to start fresh. It is recommended to start grinding from the beginning of the new season to reach the highest tier in the game. For more PUBG Mobile updates, stay tuned to

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