How to Get Free Rename Card In PUBG Mobile?

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PUBG Name Change Card: In PUBG Mobile rename card is essential when it comes to changing PUBG Username. But it is hard to get PUBG rename card for free, and there are various ways to get a PUBG name change card for free and paid.

Rename card is usually very costly when you purchase them from the game store, and it is not possible for everyone to spend money on purchasing a rename card. Follow the below guide, and you will be able to get rename card in PUBG Mobile for free.

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How to Get Rename Card In PUBG Mobile for Free?

You can use any of the below methods as your convenience.

For Creating New Account

PUBG Mobile gives a free rename card to every user who signs up for the game for the first time. So as a new player, it is a benefit that you are getting PUBG rename card for free.

Welcome Back Login Rewards

When you are continuously not playing PUBG Mobile for a month or long time, the game gives some welcome back login rewards, which also contains rename card. Sometimes these rename cards are available for a limited period, but some have permanent validity. So you can take a break for a long time from PUBG, and when you come back, you get a chance to claim a free name change card.

Welcome Back Login Rewards

Complete Event Missions

PUBG Mobile keeps bringing new events on various occasions, and in some events, free rewards include rename cards. If you complete the missions given in the event, free rewards can be claimed for free.

On Reaching Level 10

If you are playing PUBG regularly, then reaching Level 10 Progress Missions won’t be tough, and after reaching Level 10, you can claim 10 silver and a free rename card.

Go to PUBG Profile > Basic Info > Player Level
On Reaching Level 10

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code

Redeem Codes are a great way to get rename card, free UC, free skins, and lots of premium items at no cost. The game developers officially release PUBG Redeem codes to help those players who can’t afford to purchase in-game items.

On Purchasing the Subscription Package

The game has a subscription facility that provides a variety of useful features, including some premium items for free. There are two types of subscriptions Prime and Prime Plus. For rename card you will need the Prime Plus subscription, which also includes a room card, crate card, free UC, and more.

On Purchasing the PUBG Mobile Subscription Package

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How to Buy Rename Card In PUBG Mobile?

If you don’t want to do so many tasks and directly purchase rename card, then follow the below tutorial.

  1. Log in to the game > Tap on the Shop icon
    Log in to the game > Tap on the Shop icon
  2. In the Treasures section, Tap on Rename Card
    In the Treasures section, Tap on Rename Card
  3. Select the rename card quantity
  4. Tap on Purchase
    Select the rename card quantity > Tap on Purchase
  5. Confirm payment of 180 UC
    Confirm payment of 180 UC

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These are some of the best ways to get the PUBG Rename Card for free or purchase using UC. It is used only to change your username, and there is no use for it. If you have anything to share, leave your suggestions in the below comments. For more updates, stay tuned to

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