Codashop PUBG Mobile: How to Buy PUBG Mobile UC at Codashop?

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Codashop PUBG Mobile: Here is the step-by-step tutorial on How to Buy PUBG Mobile UC at Codashop. In PUBG Mobile, UC (Unknown Cash) is the game currency purchased with real money. UC is used to purchase items from the game store.

You can also buy PUBG UC from the game store, but it is a bit costly, and in some regions, it is not working due to some restrictions on the game. That’s why Codashop is one of the best alternatives we can have for purchasing UC in PUBG Mobile.

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What is Codashop?

Codashop is an online top-up store for games, music, videos, and other form of platforms. It is a well-known platform to recharge PUBG Mobile UC all over the world at the cheapest rate.

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Codashop PUBG Mobile UC Price

PriceCodashop UC

How to Buy PUBG Mobile UC at Codashop?

  1. Visit Codashop’s official website (Use VPN if the page is not loading)
  2. Select your country or choose Others if your country name is not listed
  3. Pick a UC package you want to purchase
  4. Choose a suitable Payment Method (price may change depending upon the payment method you choose)
  5. Tap on Pay Now
  6. Fill in the payment details and make the payment
  7. You will get a redemption code, which can be used by following the below methods

How to Use Codashop Redemption Code to Buy PUBG Mobile UC?

  1. Copy the redemption code you got from Codashop
  2. Go to Midasbuy Redemption page
  3. Enter your PUBGM Player ID > Click Ok
  4. Enter Redemption Code received from Codashop > Click Ok
  5. Click Ok to confirm the redemption process


Codashop Payment Deducted But UC Not Added in PUBG Mobile Account?

On Codashop, you will get a redemption, and that code can be used on Midasbuy to redeem it for UC. But after redemption, UC is not showing; then you can try clearing the cache, restarting the device, and play the game with a high-speed internet connection. If UC is still not showing, wait for some time, then connect to Codashop customer support.

What is The Benefit of Purchasing UC from Codashop?

There are various benefits such as no region restrictions, cheap prices, and transfer to anyone’s account without any issue.

Can I Buy UC from Codashop?

Yes, you can easily buy UC from Codashop.


This is the complete tutorial to purchase PUBG Mobile UC from Codashop at a cheap price in any country. If you have anything to share about the PUBGM UC top-up, leave your suggestions in the below comments. For more updates, stay tuned to

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